Tag: Survival

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Dark Dayz Prologue

866 Played0 Comments

5 years after the first infection the world is now in a state of survival. In this teaser action shooter game you must survive waves and waves of zombies, while scavenging for crucial items. You can then craft these i...

My Friend Pedro: Arena

998 Played0 Comments

Use acrobatics, shooting skills, reflexes and a shoot tones of bullets to gain the highest score in one of the six available levels! This game has all the exciting bits from the original 'My Friend Pedro', but put in ...

Dream Survival Shooter

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Wake up in a nasty dream full of toy zombies! Shoot your way in this great 3d shooting game.

Reigning Arrows

627 Played0 Comments

Defend your castle from invaders. Use your bow and a number of enchanted arrows to kill, blow up, poison and freeze enemies.rnrnClick anywhere on screen and use your mouse to change direction and power. Then release t...

Save The Sheriff

835 Played0 Comments

Save The Sheriff is a defence game of cowboys and Indians. The objective is to survive for 11 days until you recieve reinforcements. You must employ additional gunners and workers to help you hold off the Indian assau...

The Last Soldier

596 Played0 Comments

Your aim is to deliver the antidote to inoculate soldiers who were infected by a virus that turned them into zombies in a place called Area 1. But your plane crashed within the area killing everybody on board except y...

The Lost Warrior

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The lost Warrior is a shooting game in which you have to defend your land from colonizers. They will come in great number so always be on the move to avoid their shots. The main objective is to secure the beach by kil...

Monster Flood

811 Played0 Comments

The Government's top secret facility has been compromised and a deadly virus has turned everyone into zombies! Everyone except General Jack Hardman. Blast your way through waves of zombies that keeps on growing. Upgra...